[ U R B N ]


Don’t be fooled by the aesthetics! Āerde’s [URBN] Mask is one of the most protective cloth-covering face masks on the market. As a much better alternative to N95 masks, our washable face masks have integrated Respilon’s game-changing nanofiber membrane, which intercepts at 0.1 micron size range—25 times smaller than PM2.5! Learn more about its key features below :



The [URBN] Mask consists of three layers of protection, the first of which is made of water-repellent cotton silk on the outer layer. The inner layer is made of high-quality cotton muslin—a very smooth and forgiving material on facial skin. And in between, a very thin layer of Respilon® nanofiber membrane, the most important line of defense.



Respilon® of Czech Republic is one of the most innovative and leading companies in nanotechnology. Its nanofiber membrane is an “extremely dense network of fibers that are a thousand times smaller in diameter than a human hair.” Unlike medical masks (electrostatic charge wears out after short-term usage), ours work mechanically and does not contain any dangerous chemicals.

To request for documentation, please feel free to email us directly, or to learn more about Respilon®, visit www.respilon.com


Ergonomic Design

No matter what technologies or materials are used in constructing a face mask, if it isn’t well-fitted, the chances are you won’t be fully protected. We have tested and made tweaks to near-perfection fitting, aiming to eliminate as much air leakage as possible without compromising comfortability.

Perhaps the most underappreciated and overlooked concept of the [URBN] Mask is what we call the origami pattern, or the so-call 3D masks. Whilst most 3D masks are stitched together from 3 separate fabric pieces, the [URBN] Mask design stays true to the origami concept by using only 1 piece of (relatively) larger fabric, which is then folded and stitched into a 3D shape. This way, the nanofiber membrane actually covers the mask in its entirety.