W E   G O T   Y O U   C O V E R E D !

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9 9 . 9 %  P M 0 . 1

A N T I – B A C T E R I A L

W A T E R   R E P E L L E N T

W A S H A B L E  3 0 X

A D J U S T A B L E   S T R A P

H I G H   B R E A T H A B I L I T Y


N 9 5   A L T E R N A T I V E

Unless you are wearing an astronaut suit, Āerde’s nanofiber face masks are your best bet. Have peace of mind  with a product much more protective than N95. In fact, if you don’t want to spend thousands on fancy battery-powered, HEPA filtered gadgets, Āerde masks are just as equally (if not more) protective at an affordable price!


9 9 . 9 %   P m 0 . 1

You may be familiar with “PM2.5”, which refers to air pollution –– build-up dust from industrial areas, chemicals, car exhaust, and things of that nature. What we’re talking about is 25 times smaller than that! Our threshold is 99.9% PM0.1 (as tested by Nelson Labs, USA), capturing the smallest of pathogens and aerosols (airborne particles). Yes, this technology exists!



Our new-generation nanofiber comes from Czech Republic’s Respilon® nanotechnology, world leaders of the industry. Their base materials are recyclable and do not contain chemicals. Also denser than your typical industry standard face masks, the nanofiber mesh has an average pore size of just 0.02µm –– smaller than even some of the most advanced home air purifiers.


Āerde’s philosophy stems from Hippocrates’ De Āere Aquis et Locis (Air, Waters, and Places), which examines the human condition and its relationship with natural surroundings. Our mindset is to have an all-round perspective in this regard, as we continue to pursue knowledge and innovation, tackling head on the challenges of living in an urban environment.